Joe Shirimani – Ka Tika – New album, Same old tricks [Part A]


Ka Tika _ Joe Shirimani

Written by Fana The Purp

This is a very interesting time in Tsonga music; we saw the return of Joe Shirimani and introduction of Benny Mayengani. The most listened to Tsonga artist of this generation, the youth love Mayengani. He has a unique voice; he stands out and is very creative with his words. He is not famous for that though; he is famous for dissing the legendary Dr. Thomas “Xinyori” Chauke. He did not do it alone; he was with his crew, Limpopo poison. That would be Joe Shirimani, Benny Mayengani, and Prince Rhangani; the other niggas don’t really matter. However, it is reported that they are fighting over one of the irrelevant nigga’s, Sayicology.

Limpopo Poison music dominates the Tsonga party scene; it is 80% Limpopo Poison and 20% the rest. Unfortunately, they do not sell that well compared to Xinyori, but they are very popular. They silenced the father of Electro Tsonga, Nozinja and they perform at majority huge Tsonga event. As much as this is a good story, it does not last that long. The group split last year, read “Is it over for Benny Mayengani?” to get an update.

However, word on the street is that this is a publicity stunt. No one can confirm this; Thembani Rhangani was contacted to get clarity, he said that the stable has taken a decision to no longer comment on this matter. Even Mayengani’s camp is not confirming anything, a friend of mine was with Prince Rhangani during the December holidays. He says Rhangani is not confirming or denying the split.

Joe Shirimani’s new album says a different story, shots are being fired va ka hina or am I stirring things up (as I have been accused). Buy the album u ti twela hi wexe that this album is a collection of statements made out to the Benny Mayengani and Prince Rhangani. I personally think it is very childish that a legend of Joe Shirimani’s stature would take shots at Mayengani. He fired them and that was enough, I do not see a need to go out and mention them on every song of your new album. This album should have secured the new direction of his music and style. Yet he threw the first punch and continued with more.

As exciting as this is for me, I am disappointed that as an O.G he threw the first shot. Now, Benny Mayengani is the underdog and has high expectation set out for him. If Benny Mayengani drops a dope album this Easter, Tsonga music will never be the same. President Mayengani will officially have a spot in the Tsonga history books. And this will make Joe seem like a fool, especially if the boy does not mention or a gega Shirimani. This was a bad move; he should have kept Benny and Prince name out of his music. But then again, this is Joe Shirimani, he let Benny attack Hasani and it’s not like Penny Penny isn’t a drama queen.

Beef aside though, “Ka Tika” is a good album, Joe Shirimani reminded us that he is the best Tsonga producer of all time. He did it without Mayengani, as he has done previously. The cover is better than the last and he bought a new suit, same pose but better graphics. Joe Shirimani was reminding the game who he is and addressing the prediction that he would not survive without Benny Mayengani. He named dropped a lot on this album, I rather understand why they do not want to discuss this matter anymore, he said it all.

Overall Rating: 8/10


1. Hekele-Heke

2. NghomaYaMavala

3. Ntonoro

4. Nwamitwa

5. Ingane

6. Swipimelo

7. Tipondo

8. E robe Joe

9. Bengu (remix)

10. Hekele-Heke (remix)

Click here for Part B: review of each song and reasons why I say Joe Shirimani used old tricks on Ka Tika.

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